Granite has steadfastly become the top choice for stone countertops.

One of the main reasons for granites popularity besides that it is visually appealing is that it is easy to clean, does not etch with acids, and when it is sealed properly it will not stain. With all of that said there are still times when when a granite countertop will require some TLC and specific attention.

Wear and Tear

Over time a regularly and heavily used granite countertop will and can become dulled from general wear and tear and the constant abrasion of metal pots and pans, porcelain dishes, hardware, and other appliances. When you start to see a lackluster appearance it is a good idea to have the surface polished. This should be done by a professional with special tools and and the appropriate polishes. Once a granite countertop is restored and brought back with a polish it should then be detailed and sealed. This type of restoration for granite countertops will last for years.

Sometime on granite countertops you will notice cracks in and around the sink. This is because a steel rod is commonly inserted into the granite for strength and corrosion and expansion will result over time. Water intrusion will also cause the steel to expand and rust will expedite the corrosion process. Cracks in the granite will run parallel to the sink and will manifest along the rear and front section of the sink.


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