Quartz or Granite Countertops Boca Raton

Kitchen Countertops Improve Your Home

Want to revamp your kitchen? Why not start with kitchen countertops? Do you want a modern kitchen or a functional kitchen? You do not have to choose one or the other anymore. You can have them both. It doesn’t matter if the room in question is small, large, closed or open, it still has to have a kitchen counter. Ideal for cooking, eating, storing and welcoming guests. New countertops will breath new life into your interior space. And since it is not always easy to find the perfect counter, our writing is here to assist you in this task. So, make yourself comfortable and browse without delay all the tips and tricks to sublimate this essential element of your kitchen.


What are the best materials to sublimate the kitchen countertops?

In the contemporary kitchen, elements such as the central island and the counter have become a real must-have, imposed as a standard in furniture stores. However, the choice between the two is not always obvious, because it depends on the use and the surface of your kitchen. But one thing is certain: there are a lot of extraordinary materials that will be enough to turn them into a highlight of the kitchen.


Kitchen countertop stones include natural marble, granite, and quartz.

In order to get off to a good start with the transformation of your kitchen countertops, let’s take a look at the different factors you need to consider. You need to think about both the practice and the aesthetics, without neglecting the style. Whether classic cuisine, minimalist or chic country, the choice in terms of materials will not be the same.

Practical side: although some materials are resistant to stains and claws, others require more precise care. That is why, quartz and granite are to be preferred.

As for the price, do not draw conclusions too quickly, because in most cases the prices displayed in specialized stores also include the cost of labor or in other words cutting, transport and installation. Finally, you must choose the right kitchen counter from the beginning, because once the counter is cut, no exchange is possible.


The laminate kitchen countertop

Today, a laminate is known to be one of the most preferred materials by customers. And contrary to what you believe, it is not what he was. Available in several finishes and colors, the laminate can be installed over  wood, and even concrete, without the high cost of natural stone And just like the quartz, this hybrid material resists stains and scratches, while requiring minimal maintenance.


Granite, and quartz kitchen countertops

Granite and quartz – the family of natural stones. Present in several colors, as well as in matte and polished version, granite resists both heat and stains. Compared to other members of the natural stone family, it requires special care such as a sealer, unlike quartz for example.

Quartz on the other hand is perhaps the most fashionable material and the most preferred by designers in the moment. Quartz is more robust and resistant which makes it just perfect for both the kitchen counter and your bathroom counter. Available in red, white, gray, blue and more, it will give a more refined look to your dream kitchen. Its price is still a little high, but the price is offset by the fact that quartz does not require any sealer or special maintenance, unlike granite.

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