Sunshine Counter Works offers a variety of custom granite solutions.

From indoor to outdoor and any room in the house we can fabricate just about anything you can imagine from artistic use to everyday functionality.


An igneous rock,

that its natural composition is altogether different depending on the locale from where the granite is quarried. The recurring theme is that granite is not only beautiful but strong and durable. Granite has an almost limitless selection of patterns, textures and color from which to choose.

Granite has many benefits:

  • Versatile, has the ability to be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • Granite is almost completely resistant to scratching
  • Granite is strong and durable as it is easily the hardest countertop material available
  • Granite can withstand extreme temperatures whether hot or cold
  • Granite does not harbor bacteria and extremely sanitary
  • Granite extraordinarily increase the value to any home or business and gives an elegant feeling that just make the atmosphere all around better
  • Each and every piece of granite is uniquely different and no 2 pieces of granite are ever the same
  • Granite is aesthetically appealing by nature and has a noticeable depth that is stunning in its appearance
  • Granite will always be timeless, the appeal and functionality of granite will always uphold to any of the latest design standards and trends.

It does not matter whether your decor opulent and rich, or basic and conservative, you will see that having granite countertops will complement any home or business in compelling manner.


Simply give us a call and lets set a date and time to that works for you!